X-Men: First Class (2011)

Are you offended by blue, headless, clothe-less mannequins? If you’re a passenger on an Emirates long haul flight then it is presumed you will be.

In X-Men: First Class there is a scene where Havok is learning how to control his special power and uses mannequins for target practice. These mannequins presumably have nipples or a chest of some sort but the Emirates censors have blurred them out.

Being androgynous headless torsos it was impossible to tell what we were missing out on, which I guess is good censorship, however it seems very heavy handed.

Mannequins aren’t the only things to be redacted, swear words in other films were dubbed like a film shown on ITV in the 1980s (mutherfunster anyone?). Excessive uses of cuss words in say an argument meant that the scene is edited out all together with a quick snip of the censor’s scissors.

What the fuck?

X-Men: First Class . 2011 . Matthew Vaughn

Reviewed by Aaron Gow

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